New Directory Is Available

The new Bouchelle Directory was distributed at the September CSA Board meeting. If you were not able to get one then, please stop in the office. They will still be available for “snow birds” when they get here.


New Complaint Form

When you, as a resident, observe a violation of our rules and regulations and wish to register a complaint, please use the new official Complaint Form rather than sending emails or making phone calls. You may obtain the form by clicking here or by visiting the CSA office. You may deliver the completed, signed form either by visiting the office or by sending the form as an email attachment. Each submitted form will receive a response. We hope by using the form we will be able to adequately respond to each complaint.


Board Meeting Highlights

The CSA Board met on September 15 and the following are some of the highlights:

  • Paused for a moment of silence in memory of Nancy Murphy, board member and secretary, former board president, and member of many committees.
  • Commander Robert Elliot, Division 4, 7th District, US Coast Guard Auxiliary, presented special certificates of appreciation to Debbie Kreinest, John Clapp, and the CSA Board.
  • Redefined “owners/users” in the General Rules to mean parents, children, and grandchildren.
  • Instructed the CSA Manager to engage Coastal Dock Builders to determine how many pilings need to be replaced as part of the wet slip project and build the results into bids for submission to the Board.
  • Decided not to fill the two open Board positions but wait until the owners can elect them.
  • Approved the “fining” option for enforcing the CSA rules and regulations.
  • Discussed adding new cameras at each entry way to the island. The manager will pursue getting more information and a demonstration.
  • Discussed the concerns of one owner regarding the enforcement of pool rules and decided that no additional staff should be added.
  • Discussed some additional budget items for the 2017 budget year.

The meeting was preceded by a coffee and donuts half-hour, hosted by the CSA Manager, where owners could obtain the new directory


Golf Course to be Closed for Alterations

Some major maintenance and renovation work will be done on the golf course. Weather permitting, it will be closed from August 15, 2016 until some time in October. During the closed period we ask that you remain off the course, especially the greens. As a result of this summer work we expect to have a much-improved course to play on this fall and winter. Thank you for your cooperation.


Social Events for 2016-17 Announced

The social committee has announced social events for this coming year. For questions, please contact Donna McCreadie at 814-598-0912  OR Click here for a list of events.

Sm Pool

Review of Swimming Pool Rules in Order

Everyone seems to be enjoying the two pools at Bouchelle this summer but for maximum safety and enjoyment it may be time to review all of the pool rules. A copy of the rules is provided at the pool and can be found on this web site. Courtesy and civility are expected of all pool users but here are a few rules that seem to be ignored or unknown by a few this summer:

  • No food or beverages in pool or pool wet deck (4 feet surrounding pool)
  • No glass containers permitted in the pool/spa enclosed area
  • No radios, etc. permitted unless user is utilizing ear buds
  • Large flotation devices are not permitted–noodles or small flotation devices are permitted for safety of children
  • No running, roughhousing, ball playing or shouting

Recruiting Volunteers

The Social Committee is looking for male or female volunteers to help out with events October 2016 through April 2017. You could host/co-host, serve, decorate, etc. No offers too big or too small…however you would like to help out. THANKS!

Call or email today: Donna McCreadie 814-598-0912  OR


Calling All Cooks

The Social Committee is preparing to publish a Bouchelle Island cookbook. With all the great cooks in Bouchelle, we are asking all Island cooks to submit their favorite recipes to be included in the book.

Please submit your recipes via email to:

No photos will be published. The deadline for submission is October 15, 2016.

The cookbooks will be available for sale in December 2016 for $15.00 each. They will make a great gift!



Recycling Tips

Recently, there have been issues with recycling. The workers will NOT sort through items. If there are several items in the bin that don’t belong – they will dump it in with the regular trash and all your efforts will be wasted.

Click here for recycling information you should know and follow to help make our efforts more successful.